Best Blinds and Shutters for Your Classic Period Home


Best Blinds and Shutters for Your Classic Period Home

If you’ve ever asked yourself which blinds and shutters work best for your Classic Period Home, then you’re not alone!

When it comes to finding the perfect window dressing for your Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian era home, tastefully styled shutters and blinds are perfect for creating the richly sophisticated ambiance you are after. Classic period homes have a unique quality that you want to highlight and enhance with your choice of materials and home furnishings, rather than detract from. These are the best types of blinds and shutters you can use to bring out the elegance of your Sydney period home.

Block Out Roller Blinds

Roller blinds were invented in the 18th century. The first roller blinds, also known as roller shades, were made from bleached and starched Holland cloth, a sturdy linen grown in the Netherlands and produced in Scotland. By the 19th century, a spring mechanism was introduced to this type of window dressing, giving them their characteristically smooth up and down movement.

For your period home, you can go in a couple different directions. A clean, off-white or other neutral shade, made from a lovely thick cotton or linen, works well in classic era homes. If you want your blinds to add more colour and style to your interior, you can also opt for a graceful pattern or a natural motif set against a white or cream background.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetians are another fine choice for period homes. The look of natural wood is both comforting and refined. Real timber also will complement the materials and furnishings you likely have in your interior, such as hardwood floors, leather seating, and colourful oriental rugs. As timber Venetian blinds are long-lasting, you’ll be able to have the same window dressings up for years. When you want to refresh the look, simply have your blinds restained.

Timber Plantation Shutters

As with wooden blinds, timber shutters are fantastic for enhancing the rich quality of period homes. The look and feel of real wood, as opposed to PVC shutters, is perfect for classic era interiors. With plantation shutters, you can choose to have yours customised to fit the shape of your windows or doors. This is an advantage with period homes, which are more likely to have sash windows and non-traditional dimensions. Wooden plantation shutters also work well for stained glass windows, as you can open up the shutter doors to enjoy the bright colours of your windows when the sun is shining.

For any guidance on choosing the right shutters or blinds to complement the style of your interior, get in touch with our friendly customer service representatives. The right window dressings can help to create that perfect aesthetic for your Classic Period Home.

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