Buying Interior Shutters | Top 3 Things to Look Out For


Buying Interior Shutters | Top 3 Things to Look Out For

When you choose quality interior shutters from Best Deal Shutters, you’ll get to enjoy a refined, timeless look that will enhance the value of your home.

These window dressings, also known as interior window shutters, are also excellent for shading the bright sunlight in the summer months and insulating your interior from the cold. Best Deal Shutters recommends before buying shutters, Sydney-siders should look out for these key factors to ensure that gorgeous finished result you are after.

Premium Shutter Materials

When buying interior shutters, the most important question is, what are they made from? Naturally, you want your window covering to stand the test of time helping you to cut down on energy costs. With subpar materials, you may end up with faded colours and damaged shutters that have been easily marked and scratched from everyday wear and tear. Low-quality materials will also mean less insulation for your home. At Best Deal Shutters, we use premium basswood timber for our hardwood shutters and quality PVC for our vinyl shutters, an ultra-practical material that is resistant to fading and mould growth.

Custom Possibilities

You want your plantation shutters to fit the precise shape and measurement of your space. Ill-fitting shutters will detract from the look – and value – of your home. The truth is, when it comes to windows, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Our expert fitters will measure the exact dimensions of your windows so you can be confident knowing your interior shutter will fit perfectly. We can even create custom shaped shutters no matter how complex; including curves, dynamic angles, hexagons, and diamonds.

Superior Finish

The finish will determine, not just how your shutters will look, but how long they will retain that factory-fresh appearance. Ideally, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of shutter treatment options when buying your plantation shutters, each with a high level of protection. That way you can choose the appearance you want to match your interior, without having to sacrifice on durability. No one wants their window dressings to look old and worn after a couple years.

Our experts can give your shutters any type of finish, including print, powder-coating, painting, and staining. Each finish comes with a 5-year quality guarantee.

Ready to choose your perfect interior window shutters? Contact a member of our customer care team to get started. From material options through to the perfect fit and finish, we’ll help you get the look you want from your plantation shutters.

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