Which Shutter Are Best for Insulation?


Which Shutters Are Best for Insulation?

Shutters create a reduction in expenses and lead to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Home and business owners in Sydney are taking steps to reduce their energy usage with smart design features. Installing indoor window shutters, often referred to as plantation shutters, is one of the simplest ways to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint, while at the same time enhancing your property with a functional, sophisticated design element.

Did you know, you can create a more substantial impact depending on what type of shutters you choose? Well-constructed shutters such as those made at Best Deal Shutters are made from the right premium materials that truly make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your indoor space.

Why Indoor Shutters Are Eco-Friendly

Most people appreciate the natural light that glass windows welcome into a home or office space. The problem with windows, however, is they offer very little in terms of insulation. The average home loses 40 percent of its heating through glass windows in the winter and gains up to 87 percent of its heat in the summer – which could be reduced with the installation of indoor shutters.

Plantation shutters, cut to fit perfectly over your glass windows, provide an ideal solution to this problem. They help to prevent heat from escaping when it’s cold outside and block out the sun’s rays in the summer to keep your interior cool. With the intrinsic insulation benefits of shutters, you can keep your space pleasantly comfortable no matter what time of year, without a heavy reliance on heating and cooling. Especially in the mild climate of the Sydney area, plantation shutters can improve your home or business’s insulating power enough to ensure you only require minimal, if any, temperature control.

What Is the Best Insulating Material for Shutters?

A study performed by The University of Newcastle School of Engineering found that when it comes to insulation, hardwood shutters are the best material for indoor shutters. Basswood shutters, which is the type of material we use to make our timber shutters here in Sydney, can yield a nearly 28 percent temperature difference in your interior space!

Basswood timber is also a lightweight material. This characteristic can help your blinds last for many years as less stress is put on your window dressings when they are opened and closed. And, of course, basswood adds a warm, elegant feel to any area.

PVC shutters will also add an extra layer of insulation to your home, making them another excellent eco-friendly choice. PVC is also moisture-resistant, making this type of indoor shutter a great option for kitchens and bathroom

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