Shutter or Blinds – Which are Better for Your Windows?


Shutters or Blinds – Which Are Better for Your Windows?

Which is the best option for windows in your home or commercial space in Sydney? Will shutters or blinds offer the advantages you are looking for in terms of function, value and aesthetic? At Best Deal Shutter we believe it comes down the choice and tastes of the customer to choose from either our shutter or blinds once determining what is best for them.

When exploring your options for both shutters and blinds in Sydney, you’ll notice that you have a vast array of choices for your windows coverings in terms of materials used, the quality of the finished product, as well as the overall look you will get. Taking a look at the fundamental difference between shutters and blinds, you can make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing the perfect solution for your property.

The Structure and Function of Shutters

Indoor shutters, also known as plantation shutters, are a stationary window treatment. Long-lasting and offering a luxurious feel to any interior, shutters are a popular option for Sydney homes and businesses.

The slats of shutters are attached to a rod, which can be moved up or down to move the slats, letting in more or less light. You can also fully open or close your shutters by pulling them open or closing them as you would open or close double doors.

Shutters can be made from timber or PVC, with timber plantation shutters offering excellent insulation benefits. PVC shutters are known for being durable and providing a sleek, modern look. Shutters are generally customised to fit your windows, as well as your aesthetic preferences. They can be hexagonal, curved, half-height, or even two-tiered, depending on the shape and style you desire.

In fact, this is the biggest distinction between shutters and blinds. Shutters are customised; this means they traditionally cost more than blinds and at the same time will add more value to your home. Blinds are fitted to your windows. They can be removed and used on other windows in the same property or even taken with you if you move to a new home or business, therefore, they are a more flexible choice.

The Structure and Function of Blinds

Where shutters are stationary, blinds are not. They can be pulled up or down, usually manually with a cord, and installed on different windows. There are a variety of different types of blinds. Venetian blinds come with slats, similar to blind slats, that can also be adjusted to allow for more or less light to come in. They can be made from timber, aluminium or PVC.

Roller blinds are made from different types of fabric and offer the greatest variety of design options. Roller blinds come in a variety of colours and can also have distinctive patterns on the surface. Panel blinds are also made from fabrics. As with other types of blinds, a cord is used to manually open or close the blinds, either fully or partially, allowing in the desired amount of light. At Best Deal Shutters & Blinds in Sydney, we offer Translucent, Sheerview or Block Out fabrics for both our panel and roller blinds so you can get the aesthetic and level of privacy you want.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Windows

Whether shutters or blinds are better for your property depends on your long-term needs. Both types of window treatment will offer privacy, will help to make your home or office more energy efficient, and can complement, and even enhance, the aesthetic of your interior.

Shutters are an excellent choice if you prefer the elegance of plantation shutters and are interested in having your shutters for the long-term. Blinds are a suitable option if you believe you may change your window treatments over time. But, they won’t add the value to your property that shutters offer.

With so many options, choosing between shutters and blinds, and then determining which style, material, and look to use is a complex decision. Our friendly customer service agents are always available to discuss your options with you.

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